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Elcometer 7062 MarSurf PS10 Surface Roughness Tester

The Elcometer 7062 surface roughness tester is a light weight and portable measuring solution for the range of surface roughness measurements required for compliance to International Standards.

In protective coating applications there is a requirement to measure surface roughness.

With 31 surface parameter settings available the Elcometer 7062 surface roughness tester can display all parameters that comply to National & International Standards.

These values include peak-to-valley profile measurement in combination with an assessment of the frequency of peaks within the sample area.

The Elcometer 7062 surface roughess tester is a light weight and portable measuring solution for the range of surface roughness measurements required for compliance to International Standards.

The unit is also suitable for assessing surface roughness conditions in a wide range of general industrial applications; particularly where the sample is too large to bring to the laboratory.

  • Multi-Lingual Display: All the required information is displayed on screen in a choice of 17 languages.
  • Flexible: Can be used in virtually any position; horizontally, vertically, upside down. A height adjustment accessory to accommodate various sample sizes is supplied with each gauge as standard.
  • Integrated Calibration Standard: No external calibration standard is required; provides greater ease of use.
  • Removable Drive Unit: Drive unit can be removed from main unit and used with an extension cable (included) to allow for measurement in hard to reach areas.
  • Stylus pick-up with removable protection: 2µm (80µin) diamond stylus tip with a measuring force of 0.7 mN. Different stylus’ are available for various applications.


How to use a surface roughness tester

Surface roughness testers consist of a stylus which is mechanically drawn across the surface recording an 'image' of the surface roughness across a pre-defined sample length.  The measurement technique provides a number of measurement parameters including:

Rmax: The largest difference between peaks & valleys in an individual sampling length within the overall evaluation length

Ra: The average roughness over the sampling length.

Rt: The distance between the highest peak and lowest valley over the evaluation length

Rz: The average distance between the highest peak and lowest valley over a number of sampling lengths




Technical Specification

Part Number Description Certificate
K7062M001 Elcometer 7062 MarSurf PS10 Surface Roughness Tester
Unit of Measurement Metric, imperial  
Measuring Principle Stylus Method  
Stylus Pick-Up Supplied
(Other stylus pick-ups are available)
Inductive skidded stylus pick-up, 2µm (80µin) stylus tip, measuring force approx. 0.7 mN  
Parameters DIN/ISO - Ra, Rq, Rz, Rmax, Rp, Rpk, Rk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo, Rt, R3z, RPc, Rmr, RSm, Rsk, CR, CF, CL, R, AR, Rx
JIS - Ra, Rq, Ry, RzJIS, tp, RSm, S
ASME - Rp, Rpm, RPc, Rsk, tp
Measuring range 350µm  
Profile resolution 8nm  
Filter Phase-correct profile filter (Gaussian filter) according to DIN EN ISO 16610-21 (formerly ISO 11562),
special filter according to DIN EN ISO 13565-1,
Is filter according to DIN EN ISO 3274 (can be switched off)
Cutoff lc 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm; automatic (0.010”, 0.030”, 0.100”)  
Traversing length Lt 1.5mm, 4.8mm, 15mm; automatic (0.06”, 0.192”, 0.6”)  
Traversing length (acc. to MOTIF) 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm (0.040”, 0.080”, 0.160”, 0.320”, 0.480”, 0.640”)  
Short cutoff Selectable  
Evaluation length ln 1.25mm, 4.0mm, 12.50mm (0.050”, 0.15”, 0.50”)  
Number n of sampling lengths Selectable: 1 to 16  
Calibration function Dynamic  
Memory capacity 3,900 profiles, 500,000 results  
Other functions Blocking of settings (code-protected), date/time  
Battery Rechargeable battery 100V to 264V power supply  
Interfaces USB, MarConnect (RS232)  
Dimensions 160mm × 77mm × 50mm (6.29” × 3.03” × 1.97”)  
Weight 500g (1.10lbs)  
Long-range power supply 100V to 264V  
Packing List Elcometer 7062 MarSurf PS10 base unit, drive unit, drive unit extension cable, 1 x standard stylus pick-up, built-in battery, roughness standard integrated into casing, height adjustment accessory, stylus pick-up protection, universal charger / mains adapter, USB cable, carry case with shoulder strap and belt loop, calibration certificate and operating instructions  


ASTM D7127, ASME B46, DIN 4768, EN 10049, ISO 4287, ISO 4287/1, JIS B 0601, SSPC PA 17

Standards in grey have been superceded but are still recognised in some industries.

Calibration Certificate supplied as standard


Part Number Description
KT007061P001 Stylus pick-up Extension; 80mm (3.15”)
Ideal for measuring points located deep within cylinders
KT007061P002 Stylus pick-up PHT 3-350
For measurements in bores from 3mm (0.12”) diameter
KT007061P003 Stylus pick-up PHT 11-100
For measurements at recessed measuring points, e.g. in grooves from 2.5mm (0.10”) wide and up to
7.5mm (0.30”) deep
KT007061P004 Stylus pick-up PHTR 100
For measurements on concave and convex surfaces
KT007061P005 Stylus pick-up PHTF 0.5-100
For measurements on tooth flanks
KT007061P006 Stylus pick-up PT 150
Dual-skid stylus pick-up for measurements on metal sheets and roller surfaces according to DIN EN
10049 (SEP)
KT007061P007 Stylus pick-up PHT 6-350
KT007061P008 Stylus pick-up PHT 6-350, 5µm Probe Tip
For measurements on flat planes, in bores from 6mm (0.24”), 17mm (0.67”) deep and in grooves
from 3mm (0.12”) wide
KT007061P010 Measuring Stand ST-D
KT007061P012 Measuring Stand Mount - Required to fix the Elcometer 7062 to the measuring stand
KT007061P011 End Face Vee-Block - For measuring on flat faces of cylindrical and planar components
KT007061P013 Adaptor Set for Transverse Tracing; Comprising of Adaptor for Transverse Tracing and Vee-Block Holder with
Vee-Block - For hand-held transverse tracing of cylindrical measuring objects