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Elcometer 999 Surface Weld Comparator

The Elcometer 999 Surface Weld Comparator provides for the first time, a means of comparing the quality of welds.

Made from durable T Grade ABS plastic, the comparator comprises of 14 different examples of actual welds, allowing a thorough evaluation to be completed.

Each Weld Comparator is supplied complete with a copy of the NACE SP0178-2007 Standard, providing detailed recommendations on design, fabrication and surface finish requirements. It includes generic and graphic descriptions of various degrees of surface finishing of welds that may be specified in preparation for the lining of tanks and vessels.

Elcometer 999 Weld Comparator with NACE SP0178-2007 Standard
Elcometer 999 Surface Weld Comparator

Technical Specification

Part Number Description
H99921527 Elcometer Surface Weld Comparator

SP0178-2007, RP0178


The Standards in grey have been superseded but are still recognised in some industries.