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Technical Specification

Elcometer 146 SaltSmart Contamination Meter - Discontinued

Replaced by the Elcometer 130 SSP Soluble Salt Profiler

The Elcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Salt Contamination System determines the amount of soluble salts present in a test sample. Using both the Elcometer SaltSmart™ Test Strips and the Elcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Contamination Meter, this system offers a fast, easy-to-use alternative to the Bresle Test and has been proven to be equivalent to ISO 8502-9.

A de-ionised water bottle is attached to the end of the Elcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Test Strip which is then fixed to the substrate using non-residue tape.  The test strip is positioned at a 10° angle to allow the water to flow on to the foam sensor which is in contact with the substrate.

After approximately 8 minutes the test strip is removed and the amount of soluble salts present is measured using the Elcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Contamination Meter, which displays and stores results in µS/cm, ug/cm² or mg/m².

The Elcometer 146 is only available for sale in the USA.


Measuring salt contamination using the SaltSmart™ Contamination Meter

Salt Test Strip Taking care not to touch the white foam sensor, remove the protective packaging and place the de-ionized water bottle onto the SaltSmart™ test strip.

Salt Contamination

Place the test strip & bottle on to the substrate and hold in place with painters tape. On vertical surfaces, make sure that the red line on the test strip is horizontal - creating a 10° incline to allow water flow.



Soluble Salts

Whilst multiple test strips can be set up at the same time, after approximately 8 minutes remove each test strip in order from the surface.



Salt Measurement

Place the test strip into the SaltSmart™ meter, and read the value on the display.

Environmentally discard the test strip, bottle and tape.

Elcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Salt Contamination Test Strips
Elcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Salt Contamination MeterElcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Salt MeasurementElcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Digital Salt Meter

Technical Specification

Part Number



Elcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Soluble Salt Contamination Meter

Measuring Range

0-150μS/cm (0-155 mg/m2)


1 μS (1.03 mg/m2)

Operating Temperature

0—50 °C (32—122 °F)



Temperature Coeffient

2.0 % per °C (F)

Battery Type

2 AA Batteries; suitable for approx 100+ tests

Sample Time

8 minutes for strip development, 15 seconds for meter analysis

Sampling Size

20.6 x 15mm (309 mm2)


160 x 80 x 30mm


1.2 kg (2.5 lb)

Packing List

Elcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Contamination Meter, Rubber Boot for SaltSmart™ Contamination Meter, USB Cable, SaltSmart™ Validation Strip , 2 x AA Batteries, Belt Pouch, Getting Started CD



NACE SP0508, IMO PSPC, ISO 8502-9, SSPC Guide 15, US Navy 009-32 FY12



Elcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Contamination Test Strips (Pack of 10)


Elcometer 146 SaltSmart™ Validation Strip


Elcometer 146 Non-Residue Tape (Pack of 2)