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AFNOR Viscosity Flow Cups

The Elcometer 2352 AFNOR Viscosity Flow Cups are very easy to use instruments made of anodized aluminium with a stainless steel orifice, for measuring the consistency of paints, varnishes and similar products.

The measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed in seconds(s) flow time.

Calibration certificates which offer traceability and assurance that each viscosity cup has been individually tested and comply to Standards are also available.

The cups can be supplied separately or with an adjustable stand which includes a precision level and an overflow glass draw plate. They can also be supplied with a flow jacket for temperature control (thermojacket).

Please Note: There is no calculation to convert flow into Centistokes (cSt) using the AFNOR Flow Cup.

AFNOR Viscosity Flow Cup
AFNOR Viscosity Flow Cup OrifaceElcometer 2400 Thermojacket

Technical Specification

Part Number Description Cup Number Orifice Diameter Certificate 
K0002352M001 Elcometer 2352/1 AFNOR Viscosity Flow Cup 2.5 2.46mm  
K0002352M002 Elcometer 2352/2 AFNOR Viscosity Flow Cup 4 4mm  
K0002352M003 Elcometer 2352/3 AFNOR Viscosity Flow Cup 6 6mm  
K0002352M001C Elcometer 2352/1 with Calibration Certificate 2.5 2.46mm (d)
K0002352M002C Elcometer 2352/2 with Calibration Certificate 4 4mm (d)
K0002352M003C Elcometer 2352/3 with Calibration Certificate 6 6mm (d)



NF T30-014


Standards in grey have been superseded but are still recognised in some industries.


(d) Dimensional Certificate

Calibration Certificate supplied as standard



viscosity cup stand


Viscosity Cup Stand with Bubble Level and Glass Draw Plate

To ensure the viscosity cup is positioned correctly to carry out the test.

2400 stand with bubble level KT002400N001

Viscosity Cup Precision Stand with Bubble Level and Glass Draw Plate

To ensure the viscosity cup is positioned correctly to carry out the test.


Bubble Level for Viscosity Cup

To ensure the viscosity cup is parallel to the surface.


Viscosity Glass Draw Plate

To retain test sample until operator is ready to commence test and provides surface for bubble level.


Viscosity Cup Precision Stand with Thermojacket

2400 stand with thermojacket KT002400N002

Thermojacket for Viscosity Cup Precision Stand

For heating test samples for viscosity measurement at specific elevated temperatures.

7300 stopwatch K0007300M201

Elcometer 7300 High Precision Stopwatch

2400 conversion disc KT002400N003 Elcometer 2400 Conversion Disc
Allowing viscosity (cSt) and flow times of different cups to be calculated.
Front: No.4 cups according to  AFNOR, BS, NF, ASTM, DIN, Zahn 2
Back: No.3-4-5-6 cups according to ISO and Zahn 3




Spirit Thermometer in °C


Spirit Thermometer in °F


Elcometer 212 Digital Pocket Thermometer (°C/°F) with Liquid Probe


Elcometer 213/2 Digital Thermometer (°C/°F)


Elcometer 213/2 Liquid Probe


How to measure viscosity using Elcometer Flow Cups

A flow cup is a cup of a specified size and volume, with an overflow channel at the top, and a hole of a defined size in the bottom. And they are available in a range of designs in accordance with National and International Standards, with various orifice diameters to suit different viscosities.

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