The Differences Between Film Applicators

Testing the properties of products such as paints, varnishes, cosmetics, or glues for example; is an important part of their development. In order to test them, consistent and reproducible samples need to be made in order to undertake fair, accurate, and comparable tests. This is where film applicators and spiral bar coaters come in.

OneIn this video, we’re going to show you each applicator, how they work, and the sort of applications they’re designed for. Unless otherwise stated, all of the applicators we are about to show you can either be used manually or with the Elcometer 4340 Automatic Film Applicator; and if you want to find out more about the Elcometer 4340, make sure you watch our separate video on that too.

Whether using manually or with the Elcometer 4340 Automatic Film Applicator, film applicators and spiral bar coaters are designed to help you create reproducible films of a defined thickness. Elcometer has a wide range of applicators and bar coaters available, perfect for creating films with a variety of products.

In this video we will cover:

► Baker Film Applicators - Elcometer 3520 Baker Film Applicators - Elcometer 3525 & 3530 Adjustable Baker Film Applicators

► Bird-Type Applicators - Elcometer 3550 Single-Sided & Elcometer 3540 Four Sided Film Applicators

► Spiral Bar Coaters - Elcometer 4360 & 4361 Spiral Bar Coaters

► Reservoir Applicators - Elcometer 3508 & 3560 4 Gap Applicators with Reservoir - Elcometer 3505 Cube Applicators

► Micrometric Applicators - Elcometer 3570 Micrometric Film Applicator - Elcometer 3580 Casting Knife Film Applicator

► Sag Testing - Elcometer 4270 Sag Tester

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