Introducing the Nova 2000 Advanced Abrasive Blasting Helmet

Every once in a while, there is a product that comes along that revolutionises an industry, flipping it upside down, and changing the market demands forever. The RPB Nova 2000 is the original fully padded motorcycle fit abrasive blasting respirator, offering industry-leading comfort, increasing productivity, and advancing your safety.

In the mid-1990s, abrasive blasting respirators were stuck in the dark ages, with uncomfortable and awkward head harnesses that flopped around on your head, being all that was available. The Nova 2000 revolutionised the market, and RPB has led the race of user comfort ever since.

The Nova 2000 shell is constructed out of hard-wearing, abrasive resistant polyethylene. It is fully certified to worldwide safety standards including NIOSH, CE, and exceeds the requirements of AS/NZS.

The Nova 2000’s unique and unmatched motorcycle fit padded interior ensures optimal user comfort, and allows the helmet to turn with the users head, providing a perfect field of vision during blasting. No longer will you be looking into the side of your helmet.

The snug fit also eliminates the need for you to hold the helmet steady with one arm, allowing you two free arms to blast with, making the operator more effective, productive, and ultimately safer.

The helmet’s weight is evenly distributed and balanced across your head, removing the pressure points created by head harnesses, which direct all the weight to the user’s forehead. The padded interior of the helmet is available in three different sizes – small, medium, and large, ensuring a perfect fit.

To increase your productivity, the Nova 2000 comes standard with RPB’s unique tear-off lens system. This features pre-folded tabs to guarantee that only one lens is removed at a time, even while wearing gloves. Up to five lenses can be inserted into the helmet at any one time, allowing uninterrupted blasting, with perfect vision for the entire shift. Lenses are easily inserted by simply unhinging the robust metal latch, placing new lenses on the locator nodules on the visor, then refastening the latch. 

No matter what the job requires the Nova 2000 has a cape to suit. Five different cape types are available: nylon 28 inch cape, nylon 38 inch cape, leather 28 inch cape, XL blast jacket and XXL blast jacket. The blast jacket provides extra protection by creating a greater barrier to your upper body, as well as directing cool air from your helmet down your torso and arms. All capes are attached to the helmet with eight snap lock domes. This ensures that the cape will never drop off but is easy to remove and attach as required. 

Air is supplied to the helmet through a durable breathing tube. It is then ducted over the top of the helmet with 80% of the air distributed to the front of the helmet and to your ‘breath zone’, creating a waterfall effect. This not only provides oxygen to where it's needed, but also eliminates lens fogging. The remaining 20% of air is ducted through channels over your head to aid cooling.

For increased lifespan, the Nova 2000 can be kept in circulation for many years, with all spare parts available for the helmet through your local dealer. Further to this, all parts can be easily removed from the helmet for ease of maintenance or cleaning. 

The Nova 2000 can be easily fitted with in-helmet communication by adding the Nova Talk upgrade kit. This will allow operators to communicate seamlessly in real time with other blasters, pot tenders, or key personnel before, during, and after blasting. This in-helmet communication system pairs with 99% of radios currently on the market.

To gain ultimate protection and comfort, we recommend that you pair the Nova 2000 with RPB’s C40 Climate Control device. For added peace of mind, connect the helmet to the Radex Airline Filter and GX4 Gas Monitor, ensuring the air you and your employees breathe is free of toxins and contaminants.

Don't leave the health and wellness of your employees to chance.

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