Introducing the C40 Climate Control Device

Introducing the RPB C40™ Climate Control Device, specifically designed and engineered to offer you maximum convenience, comfort, and control - no matter what the temperature or environment.

Manufactured from high temperature, medical grade nylon, the C40™ has been extensively tried and tested in the harshest of environments by independent contractors.

From the snow and ice of -13° days during a harsh Scandinavian winter, to Australia’s searing 120° desert heat, the C40™ surpassed all expectations.

Its ergonomic yet fully functional design offers you optimal temperature control through the patent pending RPB U-Tube. Incoming air can now be cooled by up to 52°F (29°C), or heated by up to 33°F (18°C), simply by sliding the temperature lever to the desired position.

Air flow from the C40™ to your respirator can be adjusted by turning the flow control dial to the desired position.

Exhausted air is directed away from the body, eliminating the need for a heat-shield or heat-resistant clothing. Choice from a range of inlet couplings allows for maximum application flexibility, and the air inlet rotates 360°, ensuring the C40™ will always sit comfortably on your hip.

Built tough for harsh environments, ongoing maintenance of the C40™ is minimal, with only the air filters requiring cleaning or replacing. This is simply done by removing the outer cover and sliding both filters out.

So whether it’s hot, cold, or anywhere in-between; you can now work in comfort year-round, with the RPB C40™ Climate Control Device – the ultimate climate control device.

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