Independent Review of the Elcometer 24200 Abrasive Blast Machine

As part of pre-launch testing, a team of Elcometer engineers visited Sheerwood Blasting in Nottingham to put the Elcometer 24200 Abrasive Blast Machine to the test in the hands of an independent blaster with more than three decades of experience.

Patrick O’Brien, owner of Sheerwood Blasting, has been high pressure shot-blasting for over thirty years, working with heavy industrial steel work including shipyards, bridges and underground storage tanks.

“On first impressions, it’s as good as the best pot we’ve used” said O’Brien, upon using the machine for the first time, “it certainly fires up and stops as good as any other machine. I think it’s very traditional in some ways, but there are a few tweaks that are very, very helpful; like the inspection hatch.”

The Elcometer Inspection Hatch is wide enough for both of your arms, making it quick and easy to inspect and service your machine. O’Brien tells us that the hatch is easy to open and close, noting “the removable bolt is very good; it’s a one-man, one-hand job.”

Using an Iron Silicate Abrasive on several different surfaces, Patrick used around 70 meters of blast hose, at various pressures, with three different nozzle sizes as part of a wider investigation into blasting efficiency. One key part of an efficient blasting setup is the media valve setting.

Patrick gave the team his views on how the Elcometer GV Abrasive Media Valve performed under pressure; “it seems very controllable” he says, “it does look a lot better - it feels better and looks better.”

He then went on to mention the elcoTOUGH rubber liners, “I’ve used your orange liners for a while now – they’re great”.

“The Mixer T also looks very strong and robust” he continues, “at high pressure, 11-12bar, with a coarse abrasive, the old traditional Ts will wear out very quickly, and [the Elcometer Mixer T] looks a far, far more robust thing, and I know it’s made out of a hardened material, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that wears.”

On top of the abrasive blast system, Patrick also swapped his usual workwear for Elcometer’s Personal Protection Equipment, specifically the Nova 3 Blast Helmet and the Elcometer Leather Blast Suit and Leather Blast Gloves.

Patrick was impressed with the Velcro cuffs on the suit, and also added, “There’s plenty of room in it, which makes a change, all the other ones I’ve worn are just too tight, they’re too restrictive on you.”

Overall, Patrick found the most impressive features on the Elcometer 24200 to be the Mixer T, the inspection hatch door and the pop-up valve, stating “it is a traditional machine, but the little things they’ve done are very good”.

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