High Voltage Detector Accessories

Whether using high or low voltage, or continuous or pulsed DC current, there are a wide range of probes available to suit all applications and substrates being measured. If a pipe or pipeline is being tested, then there are two basic choices of probe specifically for checking the external surface.

The Rolling Spring

Available in stainless steel or phosphor bronze, the rolling spring is placed around the external diameter of the pipe and rolled along the surface. Any holiday creates a spark and sounds an alarm.


The ‘C’ Brush


The ‘C’ Brush can be swept along the outer surface of the pipe, and again any detected holiday will cause a spark and an alarm.

Internal Pipe Brush

An internal circular wire pipe brush can be swept along the inside of a pipe to check the internal surface for holidays. This accessory is limited by the reach of the operator along the internal bore, extension pieces overcome this.


Right Angle Probes


Larger flatter surfaces can be tested with one of 3 styles of brush attachments. The right angle rubber probe and the right angle wire brush probe are both available in 3 widths from 250mm to 1000mm.

Band Brushes

Finally, the band brush allows access to tight corners and smaller surfaces.