elcometer.com Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector

Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector

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Product Description

The Elcometer 280 is a ‘stick type’ holiday detector which has been designed to make pulsed DC high voltage holiday detection safer, easier and more reliable than ever before.

Using state of the art electronics, the Elcometer 280 allows users to inspect coatings - without connecting the earth return lead to the component substrate - ideal for inspecting large surfaces and pipelines.

  • Flashing display, bright LED and a user adjustable volume alarm indicates detection of a holiday
  • 0.5 - 35kV range (user selectable) for detecting porosity in coatings up to 25mm (1") thick
  • Safety trigger integrated inside the handle cuts power if released
  • Rugged, shock proof and water resistant design to ensure long life - even in harsh environments
  • Balanced, ergonomic design, complete with shoulder strap allows long periods of continuous use
  • A wide range of interchangeable probe accessories available - compatible with all Elcometer holiday detectors - please order as a separate item.
  • Ideal for testing clean, damp, dirty or slightly conductive coatings
  • Voltage calculator automatically sets the correct voltage from your coating thickness value
  • Internal jeep tester ensures that the selected voltage equals the test voltage

The Elcometer 280 uses the high voltage pulsed DC technique to detect holidays in coatings - even if the coating is damp, dirty or slightly conductive.


From the two stage safety switch, bright LED’s and screen icons signifying when the high voltage is on, to the extended ribbing to protect the user from spark creep, the Elcometer 280 sets the standard for high voltage measurement safety.

Using the wide range of probe accessories users can detect porosity / holidays in coatings up to 25mm (1") thick.

Rugged, shockproof and water resistant, each unit is designed for use even in the harshest of environments.


  • Specialised extended ribbing
    designed to standard EN61010, ribs provide additional protection to the user during use
  • Integrated safety trigger switch
    switches off the high voltage if released
  • Quick release battery pack
    fully charged in 4 hours, provides up to 30+ hours of continuous use*
  • Earth return lead socket
    including ¼ turn lock/release to ensure connection during testing
  • Rubberised second hand grip
    provides greater control and balance during testing
  • Large, waterproof buttons
    ideal for use - even in gloves
  • High Voltage ON/OFF
    separate button minimises risk of accidental switch on
  • Clear, backlit LCD display
    shows all relevant information, even in dark environments
  • Shoulder harness point
    strap can be quickly clipped on as required

* the battery life is dependant on selected voltage and load applied - see Technical Specification for more information

Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector
Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector
Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector

Technical Specification

Description Model S Model T
Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector D280-S---- D280-T----
Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector Inspection Kit D280-S-KIT D280-T-KIT
Rugged, Shock Proof & Water Resistant
Integrated Safety Trigger Switch
Quick Release Battery Pack
Internal Jeep Tester
Integrated Voltage Calculator
Pulsed DC High Voltage Range 0.5kV - 35kV
Voltage Adjustment User adjustable: 0.5 - 1kV: 10 Volt steps, 1 - 35kV: 100V steps
High Voltage Output Accuracy ±5% or ±50V below 1000 Volts
Pulse Repetition Rate ~30Hz
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 120°F)
Power Supply Rechargeable lithium ion battery, fully charged within 4 hours
Typical Battery Life Battery life is dependant on selected voltage and load applied;
12" (DN305) Rolling Spring: 30 hours at 10kV; 12 hours at 35kV
40" (DN1016) Rolling Spring: 22 hours at 10kV;   8 hours at 35kV
Instrument Case Dimensions PC ABS case; (l x w x h): 603 x 219 x 193mm (23.7 x 8.6 x 7.6”)
Weight (no probes attached) 3.0kg (6.6lb)  - including battery pack
Certificate available Certificate of Calibration: issued for Fixed Calibration equipment and shows readings and traceability.
Packing List Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector Gauge (Model S or T), 5m (16') trailing signal return lead, battery pack, battery charger with UK, EUR, US and AUS plugs, shoulder strap and operating instructions
Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector Inspection Kit Gauge (Model S or T), 5m (16') trailing signal return lead, battery pack (2 supplied with Model T), battery charger with UK, EUR, US and AUS plugs, stainless steel rolling spring holder (supplied with Model T only), 250mm (9.8") probe extension shaft, shoulder strap and operating instructions - packed in a light weight, rugged, wheeled transit case - ideal for transportation

Can be used in accordance with:

AS 3894.1, ANSI/AWWA C203, ANSI/AWWA C214, ASTM D4787, ASTM D5162, ISO 29601, JIS G 3491, JIS G 3492,
NACE RP0274, NACE SP0188, NACE SP0490, NACE TM0186, NACE TM0384

Standards in grey have been superseded but are still recognised in some industries.


Grounding mats
Grounding mats are ideal for testing on un-grounded pipes. The conductive rubber mat is wrapped around the coated pipe and connected to both the grounding pin (supplied separately) and the signal return lead.
Part Number Description Outside Diameter (OD)
p19 grounding mats T28022637-1 Grounding Mat up to 229mm up to 9”
T28022637-2 Grounding Mat up to 457mm up to 18”
T28022637-3 Grounding Mat up to 762mm up to 30”
T28022637-4 Grounding Mat up to 1067mm up to 42”
T28022748 Grounding pin; 60cm (23.5”) long
T28022749 10m (32’) earth lead, clips each end
T28022750 10m (32’) earth lead, clip / Elcometer 280 connector

For rolling springs, rubber or wire brush probes and other accessories click here

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