elcometer.com Elcometer 131 Inspection Mirrors

Elcometer 131 Inspection Mirrors

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Product Description

The Elcometer 131 Inspection Mirrors are ideal for inspecting difficult to access areas - inside pipes, behind corners, underneath inspection tanks, and other inaccessible or awkward areas.

Combined with the full range of test equipment from Elcometer, these high quality, robust inspection mirrors help to provide a detailed examination of the component or project under review.


Elcometer 131 Inspection Mirrors
Elcometer 131 Inspection Mirrors
Elcometer 131 Inspection Mirrors

Technical Specification

Part Number Description
H131---1A Elcometer 131/1A Telescopic Inspection Mirror
H131---1B Elcometer 131/1B Telescopic Inspection Mirror
H131---1C Elcometer 131/1C Telescopic Inspection Mirror
H131---2A Elcometer 131/2A  Illuminated Inspection Mirror (Battery Type 2 x LR14 C)
Dimensions Elcometer 131/1A - Extends from 350mm (14") to 1400mm (55") Mirror diameter: 63mm (2.5")
Elcometer 131/1B - Extends from 165mm (6.5") to 925mm (36”) Mirror diameter: 57mm (2.25")
Elcometer 131/1C - Extends from 165mm (6.5") to 750mm (29.5") Mirror diameter: 82mm (3.25")
Elcometer 131/2A - Mirror diameter: 63mm (2.5”)   
Weight 541g (1.23lb)
Packing List Elcometer 131 Inspection Mirror and operating instructions
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