ElcoMonitor™ Management Software

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ElcoMonitor™ software incorporates setup wizards which guide the User through the initial set up of each Elcometer 320 Monitoring Station. Once a station has been assembled and switched on, at the click of a button, ElcoMonitor™ searches for all the active monitoring stations and allows users to:

Rename each station - to identify their location; assign the two warning parameters for each signal tower; set the warning limits for when the colour change (state change) will occur; set up the alarm buzzer’s duration time when a state change occurs; determine the PC monitor refresh rate and download frequency;  select the connection method from either Ethernet or Bluetooth®.

  • Through the simple use of the internationally recognised red, yellow, green traffic light sequence, ElcoMonitor™ allows the Quality Manager to see, at a glance, the environmental conditions of every monitoring station from the comfort of their office chair
  • ElcoMonitor™ displays the worst status of each measurement parameter at the bottom of the page - simply double click the colour to interrogate further.
  • Using ElcoMonitor’s™ setup wizard, each monitoring station can be assigned with its own warning limits and colour sequence with the click of a mouse.
  • Operators are assigned a username and password to ensure that only administrators can amend the setup of each station.
  • All measurement values (RH, SH, Ta, Ts, TΔ) from each station are transmitted back to ElcoMonitor™ allowing remote investigation of all the environmental conditions.
  • Individual reports for each monitoring station can be generated from within ElcoMonitor™ or archived in spreadsheet form for further analysis.
    Elcomonitor Management Software
    Elcomonitor Management Software
    Elcomonitor Management Software
    lcomonitor Management Software
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